The Perfect Tent-Cabin For Campers

Camping or a Tiny House?


Camping has always been related to pitching a tent and then taking down when ready to leave, but this nifty off-grid Prospector style tent cabin in Québec’s Gatineau Park is a gypsy’s dream, as it is a lot more than just a fragile fabric structure. In fact, it can endure all four seasons, and has an elegantly furnished interior to boot!  First, watch this video below, then head on to page 2 to see some more photos.  Enjoy!


In this video, we give you a tour of a prospector-style, 4-season tent that is completely off-grid. The tent is built with two layers of weather-proof canvas stretched over a wooden frame and is equipped with a double combustion wood stove for heat, a solar panel to power 1 LED light, and a propane fridge to keep food cool during the summer months.

The tent is separated into 4 quarters: dining room, kitchen, sleeping area, and woodstove/living room. There’s also an outhouse, barbecue and picnic table outside.

Measuring approx. 15 x 18 feet, this tent would make a very comfortable tiny house, although we would make a couple of changes to make it more liveable over the long-term, including the addition of an indoor composting toilet, a couch in front of the fireplace, larger windows, and a more powerful solar system so that we could power more than 1 light.

This tent is a rental unit in Gatineau Park that can be accessed by snowshoeing or cross-country skiing in Winter, or hiking/cycling in Summer.







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