The Easiest Way To Build A Barn

A Complete Guide To Building Your Own Barn…


If you are thinking of building a barn, this article might help you in visualizing the process.  The lovely folks over at Mulligan’s Run went through the experience themselves to create a barn for their champion horses, and luckily for us all, they’ve shared their know-how in an easy to follow sequence.  Take a look below!


We started with an 18 x 20 carport by CoverAll with 5′ legs



We enclosed the sides and ends with 5/4″ x 6″ treated lumber.



Dividers were built and stalls were created.  Each stall is approximately 6 x 7.  These may seem small, but our horses are in only twice a day for feeding.  They are only left in overnight if they are ill or if the weather doesn’t allow turnout.  Even in a 6 x 7 stall our largest mare, 36″ Brandi, can roll over and seems comfortable.



In this barn all the doors are swinging doors.  In the newer barn all the doors are sliding doors.



The end result…our first barn…..three 6 x 7 stalls, one 6 x 14 stall and one tack room.  This also gives us a 6′ aisle down the center.  The 6 x 14 stall was used as a foaling stall for Vicki, our first pregnant mare.  That stall was later converted back to two 6 x 7 stalls.





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