[PREFAB] A Turnkey Solution that’s Affordable and Customizable

Brilliant Flat-Packed Assembly System of Prefabricated Modules 


The Backcountry Hut Company started in 2015 as an idea for a simple, recreational structure that could be easily installed anywhere. Designed for the outdoor enthusiast, alpine associations, and backcountry lodge operators, ‘the hut prototype’ is developed in collaboration with Leckie Studio Architecture + Design and Saas-Fe, and integrates the following characteristics:

Prefabrication – the ‘kit of parts’ hut system is designed as an engineered wood post-and-beam skeleton that is then infilled with prefabricated panels. A simple nail-on window system is provided.

Ease of Assembly – the whole assembly can be erected by volunteers in the tradition of the community barn-raising process. The prefabricated wall and roof panels are sized to be lifted by hand and hoisted into place using a simple pulley and winch system.

Modularity / Scalability – the basic structural module is designed as a 10’ increment. Modules can be combined to create increased floor area for additional sleeping quarters and living spaces.

Minimal Site Work – the system is designed to be deployed on any site that is accessible by truck and / or helicopter. Site preparation is minimal and requires no use of heavy machinery for minimal site disruption.

Mass Customization – there are a range of possibilities for interior fit-out options and exterior finishes from densely populated bunk-beds to spacious bedrooms and full kitchens.

Sustainability – the hut is designed to insure durability and security against weather with its metal-clad shell engineered to last 50+ years. Passive cooling and solar photovoltaic panels are incorporated in the facade and roof design.

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