The Little Lost Cabin: Paradise Found

Somewhere Between Snowy Mountains and Stream Full of Trout…


In today’s busy world, the one thing that’s clear is that it’s a pure blessing to get closer to nature.  This perfect little log cabin, invisible to the rest of the world, offers an incredible opportunity to feel like your’e in the middle of nowhere, yet that you have everything you need.  From massive mountains in one direction to a beautiful stream in the other, this is a charming spot in Idaho like none other where “sit back and relax” is an understatement.  See for yourself by scrolling through the countless photos below.


We chose the very best spot in 3,000 acres, protected all the rest, and felt that the 700 SF abode would serve every need, we nevertheless built a steel frame base for the cabin to allow it to be relocated anywhere within either of the two building envelopes on the ranch.


Working ecologists, Beartooth’s Architect defined two areas of inhabitation that would both protect critical resources and provide compelling locations for settlement. To address the lack of useable structures or nearby building resources, the team proposed to provide the ideal cabin that would make the ranch immediately useable to a stewardship-minded buyer.


The decision to build was made in September, and careful view analysis on site and in computer simulation in the studio located the cabin.  Four piers and a bridge were installed before winter set in.  As with the land conservation strategy, the philosophy of sustainability for building on the site called for the use of local materials and skills, limited use of resources, and flexibility for the new owner.  The oldest pre-fab approach in the West, log construction, provided that approach, as well as a system that would allow construction of the building off-site during the winter, for delivery and assembly on site in the spring.  We located a family-owned, sustainable timber operation and developed a modernist interpretation of the granary/dogtrot/shed vernacular of squared-logs of a dimension and length appropriate to sustainable harvest.










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