The Unforgettable Outhouse Bathroom

The Invisible Studio’s Eco-friendly and Intelligent Designs


The Invisible Studio was built by untrained, but loving hands (friends and neighbors, none of which had any building construction experience) and used low cost, readily found materials such as untreated and unseasoned timber in the surrounding woodland. The studio’s design and build process was an exercise in establishing a construction system that could be easily executed by unskilled labor. This allows for some surprising discoveries and improvisation to be embraced. Any imperfections or ‘mistakes’ of the build team remain part of the studio, without any attempt to conceal them. The total cost of the build including materials and labor was only £15,000. Now, the building itself looks stunning, but wait til you see their outhouse bathroom.The Long Drop is a “no cost, no impact” outhouse next to the Invisible Studio. Architect Piers Taylor writes that “It was built entirely with scavenged or waste materials and cost nothing. It is operated as a composting toilet and this has no impact on the local drainage system.” The loo works as a urine separating composting toilet with a chamber for solid waste that can easily be wheeled out and replaced with an empty one. You may empty the used chamber into a composting trench or if big enough, let sit for a couple of months to a year, giving all the pathogens time to die. By separating the urine from the solids there is less smell, less frequent bin changes, and a better compost. The long drop down the chamber with a small exhaust fan ensures that there is less smell than a conventional toilet. Elimination of the bowl also means no splashing and no brushing is required. Intelligently designed and very eco-friendly, this bathroom is definitely a step forward towards better, sustainable design and living. Take a look through these photos and tell us what you think on our Facebook Page!














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