This Normal Looking Bed Will Blow Your Mind – Or Your Head Off

You Won’t Believe What This Bed Really Is

bbalder_bed_015_1 dhje

Here’s a pretty much normal looking bed with apparently nothing of interest about it. Just your ordinary regular wooden bed great for a good night’s sleep. Maybe inviting for someone to jump on it, but overall nothing new. Resounding “meh”s are in order…

bbconcealed-storage-shoptos-oak-bed-014 dhje

When suddenly, a spacious storage fortress appears! The ordinary looking bed has cabinets and drawers opening to what appears to be every side of it. Amazing!

bbconcealed-storage-shoptos-oak-bed-010 dhje

Hidden storage capacity just inside the back. Our verdict: awesome.

cvconcealed-storage-shoptos-alder-bed-001 dhje

Guess we have found the perfect piece of furniture for the zombie apocalypse!


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