Timer Abode Bursting With Color

Bold Color and Playful Pattern


This stunning log home is located near Lake City in Colorado’s San Juan Mountains.  Surrounded by green mountains and a mind blowing view, this amazing lodge is a lively and the perfect colorful place to experience a happy life.  Enjoy the photo gallery here and try not to be blinded by the bright colors.


Majestic views come with the territory when you fly planes for a living. For pilot Tom Brady and his wife Jeanne, that holds true even in retirement. From the living room of their custom timber home near Lake City in Colorado’s San Juan Mountains, the Bradys can enjoy the wide valley bisected by Lake San Cristobal, fir covered hillsides and snowy peaks. But getting that vista — and a home worthy of it — took nearly a decade of hard work and planning. After the couple married 42 years ago, they moved to Texas from their native Colorado, but still spent their vacations in those beloved San Juan Mountains. “The design was driven by a few major elements,” Williams says. First, the Bradys wanted to bring the outside in. “The heart of the house is the view south toward the Continental Divide, and it’s probably the most beautiful view from a house I’ve ever seen,” he says. The Bradys wanted the house to blend into its surroundings and appear as if it were an old mining camp, so the 4,600-square-foot, three-level home was built with Eastern white pine, reclaimed from an old tobacco plantation in North Carolina. Upstairs, a 700-square-foot man cave is bordered by a railing as if it’s a balcony in a 19th-century frontier saloon.











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