A Tiny Cabin Ideal for Homestay

. . . It’s Small But Big Enough For Four


For backpackers and other travellers who prefer to explore and get to know a place better by living with the locals for some time, a homestay is the perfect accommodation for such adventure.  Like this perfect little house that at first glance could be mistaken for a cabin on wheels, it is actually an extra house (on the same property where the main house is) of the owner probably meant as a house they could rent out and also as a secondary home to enjoy the treesy environment.  This off-grid tiny house is located in Cotteskill, New York, and has a bigger living space than most tiny houses because its toilet and shower are in a separate structure, like an outhouse or latrine.  This tiny cabin can then accommodate a double bed and a loft good for two persons.  Its colorful facade and cute shape make it quite fairy-tale like in appearance.  Take a look at these photos and tell us what you think on our Facebook Page!


This is an “off the grid” cabin, with a double bed and a twin sleeping loft.  There is an adjoining shower with a ECO friendly composting toilet, 100 yards to over 10 miles of rail trail, bring your bikes . . . We are only 2 miles to Rosendale Village.


JPEG RESIZED Cottekil Tiny House 01

JPEG RESIZED Cottekil Tiny House 02

JPEG RESIZED Cottekil Tiny House 09

JPEG RESIZED Cottekil Tiny House 05

RESIZED fr JXR Cottekil 09

RESIZED fr JXR Cottekil 17

RESIZED fr JXR Cottekil 06 PS







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