Tiny Homes Thoughtfully Designed for Optimum Living

Getting More Out of Limited Space


Not everyone wants a big house.  Couples with no kids yet and small families often prefer to live in tiny houses.  They know that small, compact living spaces don’t necessarily mean they have to make do  without full-sized home amenities.  Small houses just need to be carefully and creatively planned so that the space available would be fully utilized.  For instance, a small space can function as a living area, an office/work nook, or a dining area at different times of the day.  It’s possible with furniture that’s easily dismantled and set up, configurable cabinets and storage bins, tabletops that can be pulled up for use, and then pulled down after use, and compact versions of home appliances.

A tiny house is also much easier and less costly to maintain.  The price is way below the hefty amount of money you have to shell out for a bigger house.  Think of all the money you can save to afford other important things such as investing in stocks or other money-generating endeavors.  You’ll have more money to put up a business, to send your kids to school, or simply enjoy a more comfortable life.

If you believe a tiny house will work well for you, here are two great options to look into.  Take a look at these photos and then tell us what you think on our Facebook Page!


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Alpha Tiny Home

This beautiful, innovative tiny house gets her looks from the wonderful contrast of material and style.  Its modern aesthetic is contrasted with beautiful, natural, textured materials:  clean modern lines and large glass windows, shou sugi ban cedar siding and mechanical seam metal roof, hardwood floors and reclaimed barnwood ceiling.   Coupled with closed cell spray foam insulation and Typar rain screen and moisture barrier, you’d be warm and dry at the bottom of the ocean . . .

As quoted above, it’s indeed a nice example of a tiny house that maximizes every square inch of space through innovative use of hardware, appropriate building materials and technology – and, a big dose of imagination and creativity.  The Alpha is priced at $95K and the company behind this is the Nashville-based New Frontier Tiny Homes.  The photos up ahead will show you why.


2 ALPHA new-frontier-tiny-homes_alpha_3 620

The living area transforms into a dining room – you’ll see how later.  This view from the fold-out deck shows a minimalist sitting area or living space with a sliding glass door that lets you look out into the yard and, when opened, allows cross-ventilation.

3 ALPHA new-frontier-tiny-homes_alpha_4 620

The garage door, which folds up into sections and slides out of sight into the ceiling, leaves both sides of the opening for kitchen cabinets and display shelves.  With both the garage door and sliding glass door opened to the decks, the living room becomes bigger.

4 ALPHA new-frontier-tiny-homes_alpha_6 620

This view of the kitchen towards the sink shows how sensible planning optimizes the space available.  There’s enough room for kitchen stuff, work area and even planters that brighten up the area.

5 ALPHA new-frontier-tiny-homes_alpha_9 620

A full-size ref, an induction cooktop, and a stainless steel hood occupy the other side of the kitchen.  There’s a toaster oven, a hidden dishwasher, granite countertops and stainless steel shelves making this compact kitchen efficient.  Attached to the ceiling is a trio of custom drop-down cabinets for extra storage.  The square and rectangular windows at the end wall give a refreshing view outside and add extra illumination during the day.

6 ALPHA new-frontier-tiny-homes_alpha_11 620

The bathroom, behind a wall of open shelves, is accessed by a sliding pocket door.  At the top is the sleeping loft, accessible with a ladder that’s kept in the kitchen floor storage when not needed.

7 ALPHA new-frontier-tiny-homes_alpha_14 620

The bathroom is fitted out with a composting water closet, a shower-tub, a lavatory and combo washer-dryer.  Aside from the lavatory mirror, the bathroom side of the pocket door is installed with a full-length mirror.







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