Tiny House Helps Couple Realize a Dream

They Saved Enough Money for Business


It’s not every day we get to see tiny houses featured in blog posts or articles when the home has actually been lived in and enjoyed by its owners for more than a year, like The Pod featured here.  It’s a 128 square-foot tiny home that was built by Jess and Dan Sullivan, a young couple just starting out on their life of adventure together.  One of the reasons for the decision to live small was that they wanted to save enough money to put up their own business.  To pull that off, they knew that living in a tiny house, temporarily, would help achieve that goal.  As opposed to a bigger (regular-sized) house, buying and maintaining a much smaller home means less cost and expenses, enabling them to spend less and effectively save more.  Since the couple built The Pod themselves, they decided to make it totally off grid and constructed using over 40% reused materials.  Interestingly enough, the ceiling was made from old barn boards from a 1776 barn house, the year that represents the birth of the USA as an independent nation.   The Pod has since been sold, further increasing their savings, and has now a new owner and a new location in New Hampshire.  Take a look at the photos and tell us what you think on our Facebook Page!


Before The Pod was Sold

Perhaps the crowning achievement . . . has been to arrive at a much greater level of self-confidence and a considerably healthier financial situation.  This in turn gave me the guts to go after a long time dream, starting my own specialty food business.  I can say with absolute certainty that I would NOT be a full time business owner today, if we had not chosen to go tiny.  All of it just makes us so damn happy!


About The Pod’s New Owner

She lives on a farm in NH and hosts several workshops surrounding farm practices, permaculture, and all that entails with such a lifestyle.  She wants to be able to use the Pod as an artist in residence!  For some basic care-taking of the farm property, a student or artist could enjoy a cozy and inspiring place to live and create.  And get this–she has invited [Jess and Dan] to attend a workshop in the future, with a chance to stay in the Pod!


RESIZED The Pod 12

RESIZED The Pod 09

RESIZED The Pod 05

RESIZED The Pod 07

RESIZED The Pod 10

RESIZED The Pod 13



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