Top 10 Inspiring Treehouses

Bringing You Closer to Nature


Man’s innate desire to be one with nature makes some people want to live in a house that brings them closer to it.  The treehouse is one such place. Through the years, it has evolved from just being a child’s playhouse to a full-pledged house, complete with the basic amenities of contemporary residences.  Architects, landscapists, environmentalists, and builders, to name just a few, have collaborated in creating treehouses for recreation, habitation, workspace and observation.  Existing examples are tree hotels and tree restaurants. So, from a playhouse where kids play “grown-ups” to an honest-to-goodness family home, the treehouse deserves as much consideration, respect and admiration as any other man-made structure meant for human habitation.


On that note, ten treehouses are here presented to inspire readers who might dream of building their own treehouse someday.  Due to the diverse design, size, materials and uses, it would be difficult and unfair to rank them.  The order in which they are presented here is quite random, starting off with the ones with more pictures to show.  Most probably one or two treehouses may catch your attention, but definitely, all of them will forever change the way you feel about treehouses.  So take a look at the photos, and then tell us what you think on our Facebook Page!


01  Treehouse Djuren, Gross Ippener, North Germany

TH 2 ship-ladders-access-tree-house-egg-shaped-sides-3-side 620

TH 3 ship-ladders-access-tree-house-egg-shaped-sides-4-decks 620

TH 4 ship-ladders-access-tree-house-egg-shaped-sides-6-window 620

TH 5 ship-ladders-access-tree-house-egg-shaped-sides-10-plan-thumb-970xauto-44156 620


02  Wooden Tree House, Portland, Oregon

TH 6 wilkinson-residence-1 620

TH 7 wilkinson-residence-2 620

TH 8 wilkinson-residence-10 620


03  Stilt House Tree House, Munster, Germany

TH 10 froschkonig-stilt-house-treehouse-1 620

TH 11 froschkonig-stilt-house-treehouse-2 620







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