Top 10 Red Barns

and Why Barns are Red in the First Place


Barns were never intended to have a signature red color. They were painted red out of necessity at the time. A combination of rust and linseed oil resulted in a burnt-orange color that served as a cheap solution to protect the structure from deterioration. Today, the color of barns can vary as well as their purpose. Barns have been remodeled to be event spaces, art galleries, homes and other spaces, nonetheless some have remained to be agricultural structures. Barns now have no more reason to be red but for its classic and elegant look. Check out these red barns and tell us what you think on our Facebook Page! 


This red barn features its shabby white doors and windows with its double sloped roof.  

Leroy Oakes, Kane County copy


The Zentner family barn still in use to milk the cows as well as a manger for horse and cattle.

The Zentner family’s ranch, located just south of the Cypress Hills copy


This Bank Barn is built into the side of a hill, making the floors accessible by a ramp. 

Old barn along the Muskingum River Road outside Marietta (Washington County), OHIO copy


This group of delightful red barns is located in Monroe County, Ohio

Group of barns along St. Rt. 145 just outside of Stafford (Monroe County), OHIO copy


This preserved barn was made into a beautiful event space for picturesque weddings  

A panorama of red barn under a blue sky near Palouse, Washington.







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