A Trailer Perfect for Family Road Trips

All You Need for a Camping Trip


If you’re one of those families who enjoys frequent road trips and wholesome adventure, Homegrown Trailers company has good news for you.  It manufactures and offers for sale or rental its lovely and eye-catching teardrop-shaped Homegrown Trailers.  What’s so nice about it is its compact size that can be easily towed by a regular car or SUV.  And it’s got such a well-thought-out design that provides roomy interior (despite being compact) and has all you need for an enjoyable and comfortable on the road camping.  Plus, it allows optimum connection with the outdoors – co-founder and CEO Corey Weathers made sure of that since the Homegrown Trailer came into being in his quest to find a trailer that suits his needs and taste.  Imagine all that benefits inside this cute and endearing trailer.  If you want to own one, the Standard Package is at $32,500 while the Extended Off-Grid Package is at $39,500.  And if you just want to rent one – there’s a $159 per night for 3 to 5 consecutive nights, up to $129 a night for 22 or more consecutive nights.  Now, let’s take a look at these photos, then tell us what you think on our Facebook Page!


. . . . [O]ther than the fact that they do not look like cute little tiny houses, there is a lot to be said in praise of trailers, and a lot to be learned from them.  They are more practical than tiny houses because they can go in a lot more places, like RV and trailer parks where tiny houses are often not welcome.  They are comparatively easy to move, and if they are like these Homegrown Trailers, they are really really green and sustainable.  Homegrown says they ‘combine’ the beauty and lifestyle of tiny houses with the mobility of ‘campers.’


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RESIZED Home Grown Trailers 01

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