Train Depot Transformed Into Handsome Home

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Organschi Architecture in Connecticut chose a train depot for a transformation project, and they they completely converted into a lovely home.  The fantastic product of transformation is extraordinary and impressive, and how they modeled the interior is remarkable as well.  The house has an edgy modern look, and if you didn’t know what it was before, it would be pretty hard to guess.  Take a look at these photos and then tell us what you think on our Facebook Page!


From train depot to modern cabin design in Connecticut, this cool timber house by Organschi Architecture has brought us to a screeching halt! We fell in love with its contemporary touches and prevailing cottage feel, which comes via the extensive use of glass and wood which both invite nature indoors, in their own way. Inside, bleached pine and a rustic, brick fireplace feature instantly evoke the feeling of a true countryside home. From its humble exterior to its cozy interior and nature all around, this outstanding conversion is a must-see. The open concept main living area puts the kitchen, living and dining areas within this open layout, enclosed in glass and wrapped in warm, natural wood. A well-used and no doubt well-loved fireplace feature warms up the space in temperature and in looks. This brick feature boasts an open firebox which adds rustic flair to the flame. The kitchen is clad in wood from floor to ceiling, The clean faced cabinets are adorned only in the medium’s warm, natural grain.

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