Two Cool Cabins by One Awesome Architect

an Exterior that Blends with its Surrounding


Superkul Inc is a an amazing Toronto based architecture firm that has completed many versatile and creative design projects. Stealth Cabin and Pointe Cabin are two of our favorite homes that they’ve done, and since we couldn’t choose between them, we’ve decided to feature them both. These lovely cabins are one-of-a-kind, and yet you’ll notice the similarity due to Superkul’s signature style. Take a look at these photos and then tell us what you think on our Facebook Page! 


Stealth Cabin

Sited on a lake near Bracebridge, this small-footprint family cottage was designed with a sustainability agenda at the forefront; it was important that the building integrate with its natural surroundings while minimizing environmental impact. As a solution to the clients’ desires for both a traditional log cabin and a modern weekend home, the design addresses the competing objectives through a cleanly sculptural form rendered completely in cedar. The cabin was sited to preserve a maximum number of trees, while its scale and proportions make minimal physical and visual impact on the land. To reduce energy consumption, the cabin premeditates passive cooling and ventilation, and the plan and radiant heating system were designed so that the north half of the cabin can be closed when not in use. The name of the cottage – Stealth Cabin – refers to this material and formal union.

0903 Stealth Cabin

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0903 Stealth Cabin

0903 Stealth Cabin

0903 Stealth Cabin







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