[PREFAB] The Ultimate Tiny House So Far!

. . . Also a Housing Concept for the Future


Not only has our concept of residential houses evolved through the years,  we’ve also seen a variety of house design options that answer the needs of the time and incorporate the advantages of new materials and technologies.  Today, there are many house designs to choose from – depending on our requirements, budget and style preferences.  Aside from conventional houses, condo units and apartments,  we now have closer-to-nature earth homes and tree houses for the environmentally conscious.  For those who want affordability, less clutter kind of living, there are cabins on wheels, shipping container houses, tiny houses, and micro homes.  Joining the rank is the Koda, designed and created by Kodasema. It’s a small house that’s so versatile.  With its impressively well-thought out concept and execution it may be difficult to top – probably for many years to come – unless Kodasema comes up with an upgrade soon.  Yes, it’s a prefab  tiny house but there’s more to it than that.  It’s like taking a good feature from every housing option and putting them all into Koda.  The floor area is compact but well designed, expandable by adding a prefab module.  The structure is easily dismantled, then re-assembled in another location, just like a cabin on wheels – but without the need for wheels.  KODA can also be used as an office, a store, or anything you need it to be.  Take a good look at these photos, then tell us what you think on our Facebook Page!


Living in a KODA house is neither a drain on the environment nor your bank account.  With solar panels on the roof, KODA returns more power to the grid than it uses.  Features like these mean that little energy or no energy is wasted:

  • use of smart systems
  • thin but well-insulated walls
  • quadruple glazing
  • innovative LED lighting and architecture (which makes maximum use of the sun).

Much of our quality of life depends on both our home and its location meeting our needs.  When choosing where to live however, we may take risks on both fronts.  It can be difficult to make major changes to a conventional home as inconvenient and extensive repairs are often involved, or even full demolition and reconstruction.

Moreover, houses and apartments can’t be moved – but KODA can.  KODA is free-standing, not fixed to the ground, and its design and structure allow it to be assembled and disassembled many times over.  Dismantling and preparation for transport can therefore take as little as four to seven hours – even less if you simply want it to face a different direction.  All of this gives you more freedom to make changes to suit your needs.


Resized KODA-Tiny-House 20

Resized KODA-Tiny-House 05


Resized KODA-Tiny-House 14

Resized KODA-Tiny-House 09 fixed

Resized KODA-Tiny-House 06

Resized KODA-Tiny-House 07

Resized KODA-Tiny-House 12







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