Unique Russian Bath Houses Made of Logs

Experiencing Russian Culture


Featured here is a unique type of rustic house in Russia catering to tourists and travellers looking for genuine Russian experience and its famous Russian bath.  Located in Moskovskaya, visitors here are treated to a minimalist interior of timber logs and cozy accommodations quite familiar to most.  However, in certain ways it’s unique because of its immersion in age-old Russian tradition of healing bath, almost like a ritual as well as a way of life.  So take a look at these photos and tell us what you think on our Facebook Page!


This small picturesque ‘village’ consists of several wooden buildings in the style typical of the villages in the Russian North.  Conciseness of form and decoration of these huts, the material used (Vologda pine) banya farmstead can blend well with the surrounding landscape Moscow region forests.  Arriving here, you become a ‘captive’ of the Discreet Charm  of the Russian countryside and leisurely flow of time.


The uniqueness of this bath farmstead is a skillful combination of national traditions and bath interiors of the museum of peasant life of the XIX century.  This approach allows us to attract visitors here who are interested in history, who like a real Russian bath in all its variety of healing, able to appreciate the peace and quiet, clean air, healthy food and rustic hospitality.


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