A Uniquely Shaped House and Interesting Concept

It’s So Profound, You Just Want to Enjoy it


When we see an intriguing structure that defies categorization, it tickles our imagination and challenges our ability to make sense out of it.  And more importantly, something deep inside us wants to see more and learn more of it,  and to experience the place fully.  Since architecture is both a science and an art, it can be personal as well as universal.  That may be one way to explain how we feel or react when we see a one-of-a kind structure such as “ex of in house” designed and created by  Steven Holl Architects.  It’s a private guest house and artist residence located in Rhinebeck, New York, which seems to have been created with a 3D modeling program using Boolean operations to manipulate different objects for creating another object.  It’s mystifyingly beautiful, and the whole structure makes you want to feel it with your own hands.  Now take a look at the photos and tell us what you think on our Facebook Page!


Each elevation of the building is distinctive and geometrical depending on approach; these thought-out facades explore the language of space in hopes to foster a strong connection to the ecology of place.

Steven Holl Architects realized a home that integrates sustainable components, constructed from raw materials and in turn, serves as an alternative approach to modernist suburban residences.  The project is defined by its geometry  created from spherical spaces intersecting with tesseract trapezoids intended to activate the inner space.  The geometry of the spherical intersections can be visualized upon entry  an orb of wood carved out of the house volume welcomes the entrant.


RESIZED ex of in house 07

RESIZED ex of in house 10

RESIZED ex of in house 01

RESIZED ex of in house 02

RESIZED ex of in house 04







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