[VIDEO] Unleash the DIY’er in You With Help from Alaskan Mom

She Even Gives Away Plans for Free!


For those of you who are Do-It-Yourself’ers by heart but, for some reason have never taken the first step towards actually embarking on a simple DIY project, Ana White’s story – or should I say – life’s journey is an inspiring and incredible one that might give you just the push you need.  In a nutshell, she fell into loving carpentry through sheer necessity.  Her husband was building their house, and she realized she should help.  Little by little, she learned, she build, and she loved.  Once she got the itch, she couldn’t shake it.  She ended up building their own bed, and lots of other furniture too.  From there, she created a blog full of plans that others can use.  As always, take a look through these photos of Ana White’s stunning “Tiny Quartz House” and then tell us what you think on our Facebook Page!



The White’s Tiny House “The Quartz”

RESIZED ana-white-quartz-tiny-house 01

The Quart Tiny House can rival those that are being sold commercially.  It’s also a labor of love and expect it to have been built extremely well – to near perfection.


RESIZED ana-white-quartz-tiny-house 02

A tiny home can benefit a lot from custom designed pieces of furniture and cabinets to fit exactly the room’s dimensions and the occupant’s requirements.  It would be next to impossible to find an off-the-floor pieces from a furniture shop (unless they build one from your specs) that would fit the space nicely and not look awkward.


RESIZED ana-white-quartz-tiny-house 12

A regular sofa would look out of scale in this otherwise cozy sitting nook.  Just a simple box storage as platform for loose cushion and accent/throw pillows are enough to achieve that finished look.  The off-white walls and dark patterned floor finish provide zesty contrast and visual interest.


RESIZED ana-white-quartz-tiny-house 08

Being able to build pieces that are specified to fit  your space snugly would result in a professional finished look.  It also is the way to go when creating pieces that are configurable and do double duty.


RESIZED ana-white-quartz-tiny-house 09

The two work counters are easily pulled out to be arranged as a dining table.  The pair of storage has dual roles – as storage and as bench seats when the room is used as a dining nook.


RESIZED ana-white-quartz-tiny-house 04

This is how it looks when the work counters and storage/box seats are rearranged for dining purposes.  A room in the house – regardless of what the designer labels it on plan – is really defined by the occupant’s actual usage of it and by the pieces of furniture placed in it.  Because space is always at a premium, rooms should not be strictly confined to one function.  For example a dining room is only used about three times a day for meals.  To maximize that space in smaller homes, it could be used as a work area, a place to enjoy and tinker with your hobby or a place to chat with your friends.  The bedroom is another example.  It’s a place to sleep in, but it actually is a private little haven for its occupant, as it becomes the perfect place in the house to study, work, meditate, exercise. rest or entertain friends.


For all other readers, whether DIY aficionados or not, Ana’s story has lots of lessons to offer and contains nuggets of truth (if you just read between the lines) that can help us in our own life’s journey.  Like her relentless efforts to learn and excel in her craft, to defy conventions and status quo that are holding us back from achieving our dreams, to listen to that small voice within us, to share our blessings to others, in a way, paying it forward, and to do our own thinking and not just rely on what others say.  There’s this saying that captures it all and it goes like this:  “If you can CONCEIVE  it, then you can ACHIEVE it.”





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