Vacation House On Wheels!

. . . Ready as Ever for Your Favorite Sport


More and more people are starting to realize the benefits of living in smaller houses, and that’s one of the reasons the tiny house movement has been going strong.  We are also seeing the emergence of more tiny houses designed  for specific kinds of homeowners.  The MAX Tiny Ski Lodge is one of those;  It’s a house with features designed around the needs of a ski enthusiast.  Just imagine the convenience of being able to drive your cabin on wheels to whatever ski destination you want to go.  Now take a look at this revolutionary tiny house on wheels and tell us what you think on our Facebook Page!


One of the more fascinating aspects of the tiny house movement is how people are not only finding clever ways to maximize small spaces, but also they are using them to communicate personality quirks.  So far, we’ve seen mountain climbers, biking enthusiasts and surfers create spaces tailored around their passions and interests.


So let’s not forget the skiers:  Utah-based Maximus Extreme Living Solutions created this tiny 240-square-foot abode on a 30-foot-long trailer for an emergency room doctor and her partner, a former professional kayak racer.  The tetris-like exterior is quirky to say the least, covered as it is with a combination of pine and corrugated metal.  There are not one, but two outdoor spaces:  a roof deck, accessible via an outdoor stairway, and a smaller balcony situated over the trailer tongue at the other end.


RESIZED Ski Lodge 05

Featured Image 02-RESIZEDtiny-ski-lodge-maximus 03

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RESIZED Ski Lodge 02

RESIZED Ski Lodge 15

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