[VIDEO] A Big House With a Smaller One Inside

Where Polarities and Contrasts Harmonize


Imagine a world where everything looks almost the same, where the concept of contrast, polarity and variety don’t exist.  That would be downright creepy . . . and boring.  In the world of art, architecture, interior design, fashion and photography, contrast is a vital principle of design – together with harmony and emphasis.  There are bits of these things in everything that we perceive as beautiful.  One of architect Adam Kalkin’s masterpieces is his own house in New Jersey called Bunny Lane, which exemplifies contrast and polarity at work, on many different levels.  The result – a delightful, quirky and imaginative house and interior that celebrate contrast and variety.  Take a look at these photos and  tell us what you think on our Facebook Page!


A house within another, bigger house, this design is located on 3 acres of property in Kalkin’s home state of New Jersey.  The outer shell is a modern, industrial shed with unusual shaped, custom roll-up doors and 3 stories of rooms on one end.  The inner home is a traditional two-story New Jersey home, white-washed and pristine, sitting on display almost as if it were being preserved in a museum.

When the industrial doors are rolled up, the space opens to the outdoors and the cozy living room gets a fresh breeze.  The traditional inner home, with its old-school porch make you want to sit and drink tea and lemonade all afternoon.  Inside the little two-story house, the furnishings take you back in time, with their antique frames and charming warm colors.  At the other end of the shed, three stories of rooms have been built in with modern fixtures, metal staircases and lots of windows.


RESIZED Bunny Lane 08

RESIZED Bunny Lane 04

Bunny Lane from inhabitat

RESIZED Bunny Lane 09

RESIZED Bunny Lane 06






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