[VIDEO] Can You Guess Where This Door Leads To?

You’re In for a Total Shock


Australia probably has the most ‘Meanwhile, in…’ memes in the history of social media – well, after Canada of course. After all, people who live in that country do ‘strange’ things, right? Right. But we bet you wouldn’t believe your eyes when you see what we’re about to show you. If you think cabin living is totally out of the question, check out where half of the population of a certain town in South Australia live.


…Coober Pedy, an opal mining town in South Australia, is located in an extremely inhospitable environment. Desert temperatures in the summer usually exceed 104 degrees Fahrenheit and it can get quite chilly in the winter. Years ago, the original miners stumbled upon a solution to living there: Build everything underground…


Yes. Build. And Live. Underground.


At present though, homes are actually carved from the hillsides with air shafts protruding on top for ventilation.


If you’re wondering what on earth do these ‘holes’ look like, here are some examples:



Here’s a church with quite lovely rose-colored walls


Would you believe they have bars and clubs too?


Take a look at this bedroom


Ha! A bookstore!


They also have hotels, mind you


Coober Pedy also has an underground shopping mall, which is crowded with locals and tourists the whole year round. The temperature in these underground structures is quite comfortable. In fact, air conditioning is unnecessary as the ‘holes’ stay pleasantly steady the whole year round.


Kinda makes you feel like one of those hobbit folks in Hobbiton, eh?


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