[VIDEO] Floating Houses – A Promising Solution to Urban Congestion

Think of Water Sports, Harbor Views, Blue Waters…


Urban congestion is a continuing problem that affects many people in different ways.  That’s why experts are hard put to find permanent and effective solutions to solve it.  Homeowners and designers work together to think of creative ways to deal with it and often come up with ideas that are nothing short of genius.


An interesting and unconventional solution to beat the space squeeze is thought up by BIG to specifically address the growing demand for student housing in Europe.  The solution is creating floating houses built from unused shipping containers.  This is a new and, to some, quite radical answer to the problem and expect to hear a lot of noises, criticisms and what not.  But it’s a good and very promising concept with the potential problems and concerns already identified and being worked out by experts. It’s such a good one that it can definitely be one of the effective solutions available to date.  It may have started as a way to provide more affordable housing for students, but it’s also an alternative for thousands of  people just wanting to move away from congested and over-populated cities.  So, know more about it by looking at these photos and tell us what you think on our Facebook Page!


The urban rigger is a floating, carbon neutral property made from upcycled shipping containers.  Designed by Bjarke Ingels, the scheme provides affordable and sustainable homes for young academics studying in Copenhagen, Denmark.  Measuring a total of 680 square meters, each structure comprises 15 living spaces articulated around a common green courtyard.  Other amenities include a kayak landing, a bathing platform, a barbecue area, and a communal roof terrace.  Downstairs, below sea level, the pontoon basement features 12 storage zones, a technical room, and a fully automated laundry.


BIG’s design of urban rigger seeks to offer a solution to the growing demand for affordable housing in both Copenhagen, and further afield.


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02 RESIZED Urban-Rigger-by-BIG-30-1020x610

03 RESIZED Urban-Rigger-by-BIG-18-1020x610

06 RESIZED Urban-Rigger-by-BIG-26-1020x610

07 RESIZED Urban-Rigger-by-BIG-28-1020x610

09 RESIZED Urban-Rigger-by-BIG-25-1020x610

16 RESIZED Urban-Rigger-by-BIG-1-1020x610







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