[VIDEO] Get Hitched in 60 Seconds with This House

There’s No Looking Back After This . . .


There’s no stopping the continually increasing number of people making the move to living in small houses – and loving it!  Remember the incredibly efficient small houses we featured several months ago in Compact Cabins: Living it Up in Small Spaces?  That article pretty well sums up why we’re showing two more such wonderful compact houses here:  the ‘Hitch Haus 1000’ and the ‘Lookout’ – both also models from WheelHaus.  First, to show skeptics and non-believers how well-managed spaces can actually make a tiny space live bigger; second, to win over fence sitters and give them  a gentle push to make a go for small yet efficient spaces; lastly, to show that this is not a one-time flash in the pan phenomenon as we continue to see more and more tiny houses that  have cleverly and brilliantly conquered the limits of small spaces.  Now take a look at these photos and tell us what you think on our Facebook Page!


Hitch-Haus:  At 1,000 square feet, the Hitch-Haus is a double unit modular home perfect for those looking to maintain the ease and convenience of smaller living with a more complex floor plan.  Starting with two bedrooms, a full size kitchen, a large breakfast bar, and a spacious living room, you’ll have ample space to furnish and live life to its fullest. . . With the same high end finishes as our smaller models, the Hitch-Haus debuts a larger kitchen with full size appliances and larger island and dining area.

Lookout:  [The] Lookout cabin brings the outdoors in with a wall of full-length glass windows that lets in natural light and offer unobstructed views of the surroundings. . .  the Lookout marries quality craftsmanship and durability with a modern focus on energy efficiency, innovative design and progressive space management.



RESIZED Hitch House 02

RESIZED Hitch House 01

RESIZED Hitch House 03

RESIZED Hitch House 04

RESIZED Hitch House 12

RESIZED Hitch House 13

RESIZED Hitch House 04-B

‘Hitch-Haus’ Floor Plan






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