[VIDEO] A House as Amazing as its Surroundings

. . . An Artwork that Represents Sand Dunes


The Dune House, located in Terschelling, Holland, is an eye-catching residential structure that mimics in geometric shapes and planes the shifting, amorphous shapes of the sand dunes.  As sand dunes are found mostly in coastal regions, they are continuously blown away, moved, and shaped by the forces of wind.  Inside this evidently modern and impressive structure, the strategically placed windows and other fenestrations provide different amazing views of the dune landscape, the sea and the sky.  On the outside, walking around the Dune House would delight you with “shifting” facades as each side is configured to maximize the landscape or view that it faces.  Now take a look through these photos and tell us what you think on our Facebook Page!


The concept of the house is inspired by the dune landscape of one of the northern Dutch islands in which the house is embedded. . .

The different spaces of the house are connected to each other in a continues[sic] way by a spiral route.  Split-level floors – functioning as large steps – wind along  the central core . . . of the building.  The spiralling route connects the most intimate underground private spaces (bedrooms) with the living, dining and relax[sic] spaces on the upper levels.


1 RESIZED Dune House 03

2 RESIZED Dune House 01

3 RESIZED Dune House 05

4 RESIZED Dune House 06

5 RESIZED Dune House 07







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