[VIDEO] Psychic Steals Millions from Timber Heir in Elaborate Con Job

A Decade-Long Con Job Leaves Heir $15M Poorer


Stories about ultra-rich men meeting some gold-digger con artist are, sad to say, often made into some really bad jokes. Most won’t even believe that some of these stories are for real until they see it on the news or read about it in the paper. Such is the case of Ralph Raines Jr., heir to the Raines Tree Farm fortune who got conned out of his millions. And by a supposed psychic nonetheless.


Raines Jr., with his penchant for anything that has to do with the occult, was a sitting duck in the hands of Rachel Lee – the psychic who started out with a modest shop in Oregon. What started as a single reading eventually led to Raines Jr. spilling all his secrets to Lee, and over the course of a decade, Lee and her companions (all family members) set out to embezzle the fortune of the unwitting heir .


…After moving to Bend, Oregon, in 2003, Rachel Lee opened a psychic shop. Raines had his first session with Lee and immediately developed a relationship with her.

“He began to share with Rachel his best-kept secrets, and they also related to his father’s wealth and to the work on the tree farm,”…

…Lee also opened up to Raines, telling him about losing her parents and caring for her husband as he died of cancer. She convinced him that her psychic abilities could help him find what he craved the most: companionship and a family. She spent the next two years grooming her mark, becoming his closest friend and confidante…


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