[VIDEO] Skydome Cabin: From Dome to Home

Just as Livable as Your Regular Rectangular Houses


The house of the future – or better yet, the shape of the house of the future – has arrived in the creation of the Skydome cabin.  This Russian creation reinvents the standard cabin layout in favor of a spacious spherical shape available in six variations ranging in size from 365 square feet to 3,230 square feet.  In a number of ways, it may be even better than the regular square or rectangular houses; in the same vein, there are distinct advantages in the latter.  It’s all a matter of preference and what your requirements are.  Living in a space with curvilinear walls can give you a different feel and sense of contained spaces; or a whole new way to appreciate space and volume as articulated or defined by the wall’s shape.  Take a look through these photos and tell us what you think on our Facebook Page!

When you picture “the house of the future” in your mind, you may see a bubbly, white, science-fiction looking edifice; or perhaps something big, curvy and sculptured, like that house from the movie Sleeper.  But what if the future’s simpler than all that?  The Russian designers at SkyDome . . . think so.


They believe that since home is the “most important place in human life,” the best option is a spherical structure with a large interior.


RESIZED B 6 the-skydome-cabin

RESIZED C 15 SkyDome-house

RESIZED B 1 skydome-cabin

RESIZED Skydome-7

RESIZED Skydome-3

RESIZED C 09 SkyDome-house

RESIZED B 4 skydome-cabin







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