[VIDEO] Surreal-Looking Disaster-Resistant Homes

Visions that Astound and Galvanize


It’s refreshing to see a talented artist like Dionisio Gonzalez express his artistic and surreal visions to flesh out what habitable structures could look like when designed to be built on disaster-prone areas.  These futuristic disaster-resistant homes are most appropriate along coastal areas where tsunamis can engulf a whole community, near fault-lines where earthquake tremors can topple down buildings or cause landslides, or areas along typhoon paths where floods and destructive winds can do much damage to life and property.  In conceiving such human habitation, it should not only resist or stand up against the destructive forces of nature, but also made to survive and ride them out, overcome, avoid, and possibly even harness them for man’s use and advantage.  The surreal quality of his masterpieces should astound and inspire us, galvanize us into positive action and to do the right thing – like taking care of Mother Earth.  As Dionisio Gonzalez tells us – that is, to see beauty amid chaos, it’s to widen and deepen our understanding and perception of things that happen around us, and to appreciate and learn from them.  Now take a look at these mystifyingly surrealistic photos of what might possibly be houses of the near future.  Then tell us what you think on our Facebook Page!


A fascination with architecture — a trademark theme that runs throughout Gonzalez’s oeuvre — and his concern for the social sphere have led him on a lasting search for physical sites where chaos and beauty coexist.  The examples he has found include Dauphin Island, land located in the Gulf of Mexico which suffers from incessant and devastating hurricanes.  Impressed by the vitality of its inhabitants to repeatedy recover from what nature destroys, Dionisio has been motivated to design habitable and sustainable constructions, like real futuristic forts made of iron and concrete, replacing unstable wood.



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