[VIDEO] A Tree House Shaped Like a Cylinder

. . . With Comfortable, Close-to-Nature Interiors


The tree house concept is the next logical step that the hotel and tourism industries are currently exploring to provide a whole new experience of enjoying a vacation, such as an exotic location amid a plantation of towering palm trees, with a beach not far ahead.  It’s leveling up the back-to-nature experience in fascinating destination.  The Cylindrical Tree House in Mexico, with its bamboo walls and floorings, is in perfect harmony with this close to nature concept.  It provides a getaway that brings one so close to nature in a structure that provides the perfect ambience and visual appeal.  Take a look at these photos and tell us what you think on our Facebook Page!


Simply north of Acapulco, in Julucha, Mexico,  the Playa Viva renewable hotel possess launched a tree house collection enclosed by lush palms.  Using sustainable   vacationing to another level, the bilevel, beachfront treehouse sprawls over 700 square feet and was made by Deture Culsign.  The firm directed to “visually intrigue and highlight sustainable campaigns to supply a natural immersive visitor feel.”  Compared to that conclusion the treehouse, that has been finished in only half a year from preliminary design conference to earliest guest check-in, is made of bamboo with energy and hot water supplied by solar energy.


RESIZED Cylindrical TreeHouse SOLAR 01

RESIZED Cylindrical TreeHouse SOLAR 08

RESIZED Cylindrical TreeHouse SOLAR 04

RESIZED Cylindrical Tree House 04

RESIZED Cylindrical Tree House 05

RESIZED Cylindrical Tree House 06

RESIZED Cylindrical Tree House 09

RESIZED Cylindrical TreeHouse SOLAR 05

RESIZED Cylindrical TreeHouse SOLAR 07







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