[VOTE] 5 Treehouses . . . Which Do You Like Best?

They’re All Custom Designed . . . and Awesome!


We’ve featured interesting and inspiring treehouses in the past.  There are treehouses designed as primary residences,  others as vacation retreats, still others purely for camping and glamping adventures.  There are also a handful that are designed and built specifically as nature retreats – somewhat like a cross between a luxury hotel and Tarzan’s jungle abode.  And now we’ve chosen 5 of what we feel are among the best bespoke treehouses specifically designed and built by “Blue Forest” for a few of their clients – people just like us!  Most of these treehouses are not designed as fully-functional houses but more as structures to complement outdoor activities and recreation, or to fulfill  long-held childhood fantasies.  We’ve also included a video for each of them because the photos are not enough to show you how impressive they all are.  If after seeing all 5, you feel like having your own personal treehouse designed for you, here are a few words about “Blue Forest,” a company more than willing and capable to help you!  Then take a look at all five treehouses and don’t forget to tell us what you think on our Facebook Page!


Blue Forest is an award winning company that specialises in the design and construction of luxury treehouses and unique sustainable buildings.

The Blue Forest  team has built hundreds of luxury treehouses around the world.  Despite the traditional stereotype, tree houses are not just for children!  Our portfolio includes everything from fantasy treehouse castles to kid’s dens, exclusive treehouse accommodation and custom-built eco-classrooms and sustainable buildings.

We provide a turnkey solution, where everything from architectural design and planning to construction and  commissioning comes in an easy, reliable and professional package.

Now put on your thinking cap and decide which one appeals to you most.  Do watch the videos to help you decide.


#01  At the Water’s Edge Treehouse

RESIZED Blue-Forest-At-The-Waters-Edge 07

RESIZED Blue-Forest-At-The-Waters-Edge 10

RESIZED Blue-Forest-At-The-Waters-Edge 04

RESIZED Blue-Forest-At-The-Waters-Edge 02


Watch the Video!







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