Want a Custom-Crafted Log Cabin? Here’s Some Advice for You

You May Be Missing One Crucial Detail


And so you’ve finally come to realize that you really do want to live in a cabin and plan to have one built exactly the way you imagined it… now what? Should you hire the first company you find on the web? Should you have an expert draw up the plans for you first? Easier said than done, right? Exactly.


As much as you would like to have the cabin of your dreams completed in a day, it simply does not work that way. There are several things that should be considered before the actual building process begins, and there’s one detail that you might be missing from all the planning you’ve been doing so far…


Where do you plan to have it built?


Like most properties, location is a key element to having the cabin of your dreams. A perfect cabin may not be so perfect after all when placed in the wrong setting, and you might end up regretting your decision later on.





Case in point: custom-crafted log cabin made to maximize the views provided by a lakefront property


…While poring over floor plans can be inspirational, having a place for your cabin may be the best first step. “Either design a plan for the site, or buy property suitable for the plan…”



From the gabled porch, decks were constructed at various levels which lead to the waterfront below


…“Consider not just the view, but also the presentation and approach…” Great log home designs should be appealing from every angle, even if they’re optimized toward a spectacular view or feature…



Inside, the loft was designed to provide a grand view of the lower living area as well as the exterior of the property


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