Want to Purchase an Old Cabin or its Reclaimed Lumber?

Homespun Rustic Structures


Are you interested in purchasing an old historic cabin?  Or buying the reclaimed lumber from an old cabin?  Well these lovely vintage cabins are currently up for grabs.  Appalachian Woods LLC, a family business, can help supply you with wood from one of these beauties, or they can help rebuild the classic homes from the reclaimed wood collected from dismantled sites.  So the only question remaining is….. Who wants in on this?!?  Take a look through these photos and tell us what you think on our Facebook Page!


Appalachian Woods is a family run business owned by Jonas Hochstetler.  Jonas and his family have been doing business in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia since 1976 and in more recent years have expanded to reach customers around the country and some from over seas.   The Hochstetler family is dedicated to the preservation of old lumber and timbers found throughout the Appalachian Mountains. Antique wood is unmatched in beauty and in character as well as the unique historical significance it brings to life today. Recycling old wood is very popular with many people around the country who are concerned about the environmental effects that deforesting vast acreage of land has on our quality of life.   Most of our materials come from buildings built around the turn of the century or before. This lumber was taken from old growth forests a hundred years ago or more and does not require the cutting of any more trees. We utilize a variety of wood species and one of the most unique and beautiful woods that we reclaim is American Chestnut. This tree was one of the most widely used woods in the Appalachians. We supply homeowners, building contractors, cabinet shops and architectural millwork shops with a variety of different products milled from this antique lumber. Our Antique Wood is being used today to make flooring, wainscoting, paneling, moldings, doors, furniture and other fine products.

17×21 Two Story Hand Hewn Oak Cabin











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