45,000 miles and counting…

North Carolina couple Alexis Stephens and Christian Parsons built this tiny home in 9 months in their friend’s backyard. At 130 square feet, their remarkable home has already logged more than 45,000 miles across 36 US states, a Canadian province, and 17 tiny home communities.

Borne out of the desire to simplify their lives while embarking on great adventures at the same time, Alexis and Christian decided to travel in their tiny home, and they are creating a documentary about the Tiny House Movement in the process. The couple’s great mission is to inspire and empower other people to rethink housing options, live more meaningful lifestyles and create more connected communities.

They have plans to convert a school bus in the future for their travelling so they can keep their tiny house as a home base in a city of their choosing which they have yet to decide. Alexis also had some advice for anyone wishing to follow their example and live tiny or simply take their life on the road. “If you are interested in living tiny, our advice is to just go for it,” she said.

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