What Life In The Dome Is Really Like

It’s a lot more than just surviving..


We all love a good log cabin or little cottage – that’s a given.  But what about that funny-looking abode shaped as the geodesic dome? It’s actually one of the most efficient structures, and so it’s no wonder that we see different versions of it being brought back to life every decade or so.  Well, the “Dome Guys” are at it this time, and hats off to them!  They’re doing a great job by providing the structure in ways that are actually quite functional, and seemingly affordable too.  We have TONS of photos below for you to browse through.  So see for yourself!  What do you think?  Could you live in a house like this?


DomeGuys at Rock Wall Winery, Alameda, CA

We offer a wide variety of elegant and intelligent geodesic domes to meet your needs. DomeGuys International specializes in providing geodesic domes for eco shelters, sustainable development, living, studios, disaster relief, trade shows, event venues, musical festival domes, seminars and VIP accommodations. The timeless design and alluring aesthetics of geodesic domes offer unsurpassed versatility. People love the intriguing geometry and feel of natural richness experienced under the canopy of geodomes. Spacious and stunning, geodesic canopies offer an experience that fills people with creative inspiration.

Geodesic domes are sustainable, which is about responsibly managing resources. Geodesic shelters have been called the most efficient structural design ever conceived because they “do more with less” — less materials and less waste. The potential is unlimited. Host an amazing event that creates an unforgettable impression, transform your resort into an eco friendly paradise or simply live a sweet life in a beautiful alternative home.
DGI Geodesic Domes are Immediate. One day of construction is all it takes for you to enjoy the comfort and security of a beautiful geodesic dome. Whether dependable shelter is needed to heighten the experience of an event venue or a family pursuing a dream of an affordable alternative home, geodomes are a fast action, big impression, eco friendly answer to sustainable development and portable event venues.
DGI Geodesic Domes are Mobile. Mobility for people who love the freedom to move whenever and wherever they wish enjoy the unique qualities of geodesic canopies. By nature, the event industry is mobile and geodesic domes set the standard for efficient, sustainable and quality structural mobility. Our marketing, shipping and building services are global.  Whether by truck, train, boat, plane or on foot we deliver and construct your dome shelter anywhere you wish.
DGI Geodesic Domes are Reliable. Architecturally, geodesic domes are engineered to deliver. In severe weather a geodome’s secure structure will give you peace of mind. Compared with traditional buildings and event structures, geodesic canopies are better suited to withstand heavy snow, earthquakes and high winds.  Stand up to the threat of weather with a geodesic dome.







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