[VIDEO] The Surprisingly Simple Secret to Withstand a Hurricane

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Towards the end of summer, there are more and more unfortunate chances of hurricanes and tornadoes occurring that sometimes cause massive destruction and can even collapse buildings.  Thankfully, some recent helpful research by Deltec Homes has shown that round homes are more resistant to hurricane damage than any other shaped house.  So if you’re building a new home in a hurricane-prone area, consider going Deltec and going round!  Check out the photos of some of Deltec’s sample round shaped houses, then tell us your thoughts on our facebook page!


June first marks the official start of the Atlantic hurricane season, and with predictions for bigger and deadlier storms this year due to the transition to La Niña, coupled with above-average sea surface temperatures in the Gulf of Mexico, meteorologists are urging inhabitants of hurricane-prone areas to take extra precautions. Although the company has recently expanded into rectilinear Net Zero Energy Homes with the launch of the new Renew Collection (we wrote about it here), Deltec originally made a name for itself with iconic storm resistant round homes. Initially commissioned for seaside resort communities, these structures soon became sought after by homeowners across the country for their striking aesthetics and durability. Deltec’s hurricane resistant homes are so strong that in over 48 years and with over 5,000 homes built, they’ve never had a home lost due to hurricanes or high winds of any kind. Circular homes are held together by a greater number of interconnected points, making their joints both more flexible and stronger than rectilinear constructions. For these same reasons (slight corners, smoother flow of wind), round roofs are far more successful at withstanding wind and are less susceptible to being lifted off in a storm. Radial floor and roof trusses, which meet in a center ring like spokes on a wheel, lock the building in a constant state of compression, which further reinforces the building’s strength.










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