Wondering Where to Get the Best Log House?

Consider This Company…. You Won’t Regret It!


Building your dream house is a big expense and will surely put a big dent in your pocketbook (or bank account).  It’s like pouring a lifetime’s worth of savings into it.  And so you must put a lot of thought and research in choosing the right company to build it.  In that case, don’t leave out Katahdin Cedar Log Homes when you’re creating your short list.  Katahdin has been in the business of designing and building quality cedar log homes for many years now with tons of happy customers, so they must be really good at what they’re doing.  They have perfected the art and technology of using cedar logs to build top quality log homes.  Along with that, the company uses technologies and observes practices in line with renewable and sustainable resources to not harm the environment.  The company has a wide range of log home designs, with ready-to-build plans.  And there’s room for customization to make the house fit your needs and requirements.  So, let’s get you started by taking a look at these photos, then tell us what you think on our Facebook Page!


Katahdin Cedar Log Homes has more than three decades experience designing fine cedar log homes.  Through our network of certified and trained Katahdin Dealers and Builders, we can meet and surpass your expectations for a home that embodies the values of Maine craftsmanship, integrity and common sense.


At Katahdin Cedar Log Homes, we believe it is essential to lead in our community, in our industry and in our commitment to customer service.  We’re making news in Maine and around the country, and we invite you to learn about our current projects.


As residents of one of the most beautiful and unspoiled states in the country, we Mainers keep a close watch on how our actions affect our surrounding environment.  Our business is dependent on nature and the sustainable harvest of cedar trees from Maine forests.  And, we feel it’s important to support the active outdoors lifestyle embraced by so many of our customers.  As a result we continue our mission to make smart decisions about energy and our surroundings.



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