The Wooden Cabin That Pierces the Sky

Be the Ruler of the Land


If you’re the type of person who loves unique cabins as well as outdoor activities like hiking, hunting, and the like, then this home might just be your ideal one yet. Situated along the mountains of Nova Scotia, Canada, this cleverly designed timber-made abode looks like a dream sanctuary. In fact, as a long-time outdoorsman himself, Architect Omar Gandhi, was inspired to build this specific concept from his love of nature.  Not only does this house give you the breathtaking sceneries of the mountains and the trees, it’s also built to protect you from heavy rain and even blizzards with such a steep shaped roof and a lateral load resisting structure. Take a look at the photos and tell us what you think on our Facebook page!


Cabins are usually small, simple and all-natural, not very high or big but today’s one has a character. Omar Gandhi Architect Inc., who worked in collaboration with Design Base 8, designed Rabbit Snare Gorge, a cabin in Nova Scotia, Canada. To combat the heavy rainstorms, winter Nor’easters, and strong winds, the structural system was built to withstand major lateral and uplift loads. A double-height ceiling in the kitchen and living room form the second floor, which leads to the living room loft above, while the ground floor houses the bedrooms and the entry. The cabin tower is a totally unique construction that is seen from far away and it’s really a fantastic self-expression of the owner who loves nature.


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