Young Couple Travels the US in Their Homemade COW

A Lifestyle Choice with Huge Payoff…


The “C.O.W” (cabin on wheels) featured here was designed and built by master welder/fabricator Ryan Sanden so that he and his partner Tia, along with their toddler, could travel the United States in their one-of-a-kind, artistically built, beachy yet rustic home. This spacious yet cozy cabin is currently their full time residence, and not a single amenity has been left out of this land yacht! It’s set up like an RV with all the standard hook ups, including 120-volt electricity for lighting and propane for appliances. Everything works when dry camping and can adapt to any parking spot. And speaking of parking spots, traveling the US has never presented a problem of finding parking spots. The “COW,” as they call it, has already logged over 10,000 miles! Previous residences have included farms, residential city lots, RV parks, State parks etc. And for quick and convenient overnight dry camping, Ryan and Tia simply park at truck stops or sometimes even Walmart parking lots.


This young family’s home is truly inspiring to people who want to simplify, save money, and seek adventure. Their COW includes an all aluminum composite roof and underbelly, an arched roof on the front, and shed roof on the back half. It includes cedar shake siding, propane, battery and generator storage box as well as a roof top storage shed. And when the nose faces north, the cabin even benefits from a passive solar design and can be very energy efficient. The floor plan flows very well even with several people in the space.


The kitchen includes a hammered copper sink and a large picture window to soak up the view. Mohagany counter tops, a four burner propane range with oven and a hood vent compliments this space. A Large propane/electric refrigerator/freezer, a lazy susan, and lots of creative storage options make this kitchen a dream for those who enjoy cooking. In fact there’s even fresh drinking water with the dedicated berkey water filter shelf. The arched roof over the living room gives a high ceiling and access to the loft above with a nautical style aluminum ladder. A 5-ft projector screen pulls over the window and can be viewed from the memory foam sleeping size couch with a ton of storage built in. The spacious living room has lots of natural light and is the ideal place for entertaining or relaxing. Walk through the hallway, slide open the vintage slider door, and you will find the full size bathroom with a mexican tile sink installed on an vintage record player. The bathroom includes a medicine cabinet and a light weight claw foot tub/shower next to a stained glass window for privacy. Everyone will be happy with the standard flushing toilet as well as a back up natures head compost toilet stored in the rooftop shed for the more off grid adventurous folks. A propane on demand water heater and a washer dryer combo unit completes the package for the ultimate in creature comforts while glamping.


What makes this tiny home even more unique is a large private floor level 8’x10′ bedroom with a large skylight that glows with hidden L.E.D lighting. A queen size bed fits perfectly with a walking space that flows to the back door. This room can transform from bedroom to office with a murphy bed. Currently the toddler utilizes the master suite and the parents sleep in the loft above the kitchen. Ryan and Tia just purchased a new property in southern Oregon where they will be remodeling a 1953 farm house that was built on an old stage coach stop from the late 1800s. They started a tiny house construction business and will transform the old farm into a permaculture garden and an airbnb rental property with a tiny house village. This opportunity will give the potential tiny house buyers a chance to test out their tiny home before purchasing their new home built by Ryan and Tia. For more information and to even get quotes, visit  Meanwhile, take a look through these photos and tell us what you think on our Facebook Page!









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